Short answer — I am

Short answer — I am still hooked!

And I still get excited and curious when receive my daily letters from you.

I actually upgraded from $11 to the $39 subscription to get access to more content and to move at my own pace — faster. (Would be nice to have Notes for all lectures??)

Reading your content prompts new questions in my head, sometimes they are not even directly connected to what I’ve just read.

These are some of the questions that popped up in the last 2 months. What’s my ‘content’ offline? I’ve been quite successful engaging people in person so far. How do I translate my offline content — ability to engage people — online? What’s the best form/style of online content for me/my services? What part of my services should I keep offline? What’s the fastest and effective way to test my online content?

Been also noticing ‘gaming stuff’ (that works really well) in my daily interactions with people and also experimenting adding some more… It’s been fun!

Thank you!

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