TCR in English

Imagine that our planet is actually a huge RPG game, you are alien, and come here to play. Your homeworld is too perfect, predictable and boring, so going to a planet like Earth is your favorite entertainment.

When you appear here in human form, you have nothing, your mission is to understand this world, raise your level, gather resources, end up leaving the game and return home.

The specificity of the game is that when you are sent here, you are deprived of the memory of who you really are and you are not allowed to take anything with you.

The only thing they give you is this little book.

Naturally, this book can be attributed to the self-help genre, but in the opinion of a great number of people, there is no such book on the market. And certainly this book does not follow the canons of the genre, there are no tips on how to live better, how to become rich.

And definitely, this book will completely change your life and perception of our world, or, as Morpheus from The Matrix said , “Choose a pill and you will never return.”

This book is a red pill, think twice before taking. There will be no way back, and now you are warned.

In its original title, Theory of Caste and Role was written for almost 10 years and was completed more than 15 years ago in an extremely strange little northern country called Russia in very troubled times.

The sole purpose of creating the book was to study the question — why the career of smart and talented people often fails and is very volatile.

The book was not intended for publication and went on the shelf because Alexei Krol never thought that the book might be of interest to anyone else. The author shared only with close friends. However, rumors spread, more and more people turned, and at the insistence of his wife and friends in 2014, the book became available on the Internet for everyone.

The number of reviews and questions grew like a snowball, and in 2017 Russia’s largest publishing house, EKSMO turned to the author to publish a book on paper. The book was published in early 2018 in hardcover.

Since then, the book has become a cult and became distributed throughout the world in Russian.

In 2013, the author moved to the USA, and the story repeats. Alexey Krol never believed that the book would be interesting to the American reader because he believed that Russia 20 years ago and the United States today are very different.

However, the numerous reviews of Americans who read the book give a completely unexpected conclusion — this book turned out to be more relevant for the United States and developed countries…